What to expect from Macro 2000’s Warehouse Management System

The process of making sure that everything is accounted for when bringing in new stock from various suppliers can be daunting.

But good ERP software can make all the difference. Our software is designed to help streamline your manufacturing process, providing a competitive advantage while enabling you to increase business process efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Macro 2000 WMS

Macro 2000 have developed warehouse management software that minimises the processing time considerably by updating the new stock into a receiving warehouse and producing a new bar code label with a unique box number. However, there are a number of quality control steps that need to be followed.

As soon as the container arrives and the boxes are off loaded, the manufacturer’s label is scanned using radio frequency bar code scanning. A unique bar coded box label is attached to each box. The next step is to quality check each box, this is where the stock is sent through a physical process, then passes through quality control. They are then scanned a second time in order to update the stock in the warehouse.

Rudolph Reynecke from Bertuzzi Distribution implemented the Marco 2000 software and says it has assisted his business greatly. Here’s what he had to say:

“Macro 2000’s warehouse management systems have brought major efficiency to our operations as it simplifies tracking all the stock/warehouse related movements, from receiving goods into the warehouse all the way to dispatching/delivering of the sales orders. Their software performs the function it was designed for to perfection.”

Reynecke says with Macro 2000 and their bar-coding interpretation software in place they managed to streamline their picking, packing and despatching of orders quicker and more professionally than ever before.

“It also increased our accuracy levels. Being in the high volume clothing distribution sector it is very important to process any order timeously and to the highest level of accuracy and that is precisely what Macro 2000 enabled us to do,” he says.

Reynecke, who also travels extensively internationally to visit suppliers, says there is also no doubt that this software is on par with the rest of the world. “It holds up to most of the international systems I have experienced and in some instances is even better.”

Through the use of efficient warehouse management, you will know what goods are received and shipped, which items are readily available, when you should reorder and storage space availability.

These WMS features eliminate the need for tracking inventory via paper (Paperless Warehousing), so waste is reduced to further decrease the overall cost of running a warehouse. Reduced cost over time resulting from better inventory control equals a very good return on investment and a well managed warehouse.

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