Stock Control

The Macro Stock Control System is a comprehensive conventional stock control system.It can be used for:-
Raw Materials
Sundry Items such as trims, etc.
Consumable items
Trading Stocks

The system records all relevant information for each stock item.

The information recorded includes the following types of data:-
Stock Code (Company / Store / Stock Code)
Descriptive information, Full description, Short Description
Stock Status codes
Stock Identification and Grouping information
Batch/Lot control indicator, Product Group, ABC Code
Stock Packaging and Sizing information:-
Pack type, Unit of Measure, Stock Units per pack, Packs per Master pack, Sales pack size
Stock Unit weight, packaging weight, dimensions, volume
Location Information:- Store, Bin number.
Cost Information:-
Cost Prices (average, standard, latest, future expected cost), tax category
Balance Information:-
Stock on hand, Stock on order, Work in progress, Customer Order balance, Reserved Stock Balance
Stock Re-order management:-
Safety Stock Level, Reorder level, Minimum/Maximum Stock Level, Minimum Purchase quantity, Lead times
Source of supply, Supplier codes
User definable data items
Stock Take management:- cycle count codes and levels
MTD/YTD receipts, issues, returns to supplier, sales, returns from customers

The system provides both physical and financial stock control. Both operate automatically at all times. Physical control is used to all control movements. Financial control is comprehensive. Every moment is costed. The system includes total movement history, and includes daily movement control summaries and audit lists while raw materials are normally used for production, the system will support sales raw materials and will fully account for both the selling value, the cost value, and tax implications.
Balances and movements are recorded in units and optionally by packs.
Stock lots (or batches) are fully supported. This includes a full batch/lot tracking facility.
The stock system updates all stock movements against the master file immediately they are input to the system. On-line inquiries will provide access to the up to date stock position.
Full support is provided for Bar Coding and third party stock coding
(In house and third party EAN bar codes and third party stock bar codes)
The system provides a comprehensive General Ledger interface, which also supports third party ledgers.
The stock system provides extensive support for the concept of Stock and Availability. This looks at not only stock on hand, but also at current and future availability and demand. This is a fully time based facility.
The system records every movement for as long as needed on the master movement data base.
There is also a user controlled movement history data base, which is used to keep movement history for long periods of time.
Non-Stock movements are supported.
The system maintains a Stock Usage/Turnover Statistics Master File. This file records stock turnover (units and value) by month over the current and previous financial year. Stock turnover reporting will provide turnover statistics (units, value and profitability) for current month and year to date, and comparative figures for the previous year. The profitability (or loss) figures are useful if raw materials are sold (e.g. a vertically integrated manufacturer) or written off.

Reports can be automatically emailed to third parties if needed.
The system is fully integrated to the Macro Bill of Materials, production Planning and Production Control systems

Purchase Orders Goods Receipt
A Purchase Order sub-system is available to control stock purchases. This sub-system will manage stock re-ordering, record all purchase orders, analyse cash flow requirements for goods on order and produce exceptional reports for goods received where either quantity or price variances from the orders are beyond acceptable limits. The Purchase Order System is fully integrated to the Creditors and Goods Receipt System.
The Purchase Order system is fully time based to allow for delivery dates and lead times to fit into the time based Stock and Availability feature.
The Goods Receipt system captures GRV’s as they occur, prints GRV’s/Return to suppliers and is fully integrated to the Creditors and Purchasing System.
The Receipt system correlates the Purchase Order to the receipt to generate delivery performance reporting.
It also keeps track of uninvoiced Receipt Accrual Values

Stock Take
A Stock take sub-system will assist in stock taking (either complete stock take or moving stock take). This system includes stock take data capture reports and stock take variance reports. This sub-system generates unit and financial transactions for stock differences.
The system supports stock takes using mobile hand held computers
The system is fully integrated to the Creditors system via the goods receipt data capture program. The program will capture details of Stock receipts from outside suppliers and will automatically update the Stock and Creditors File.

Sales Invoie
The Macro stock system is fully integrated into the standard Macro Sales Invoicing/Delivery system

Stock Reservation
An optional Stock Reservation Sub-system is available to allow reservations of available stock to customer orders (if the stock is being sold) or to Production Jobs. Once reserved, stock cannot be issued for other purposes unless the Reservation is changed to reflect this, or additional stock becomes available

Stock Transfer
The system provides control over stock transferred between stores or branches

Electronic Data Interchange
The Stock System Supports Electronic Data Interchange for:
Placing of Purchase Orders
Receipt of Supplier Delivery Notes and Invoices for Goods Delivered against Purchase

Macro has B2B system that is fully integrated to the Macro 2000 Backend software

Stock Master Enquiry
Stock Balance Detail Inquiry
Consolidated Stock Balances Inquiry
Stock Search Inquiry
Stock and Availability Inquiry
(Stock, On Order, Customer Orders, In Dispatch, Work in Progress, Available to Sell)
Stock Batch/Lot Inquiry
Stock batch/Lot Tracking Inquiry
Stock Sales and Turnover Inquiry.

There are many reports available:-
Stock Master File Reporting
Stock Master File Listing
Stock Master File Brief Listing
Stock Master Valuation Report
Stock by Product Group Report
Consolidated Stock on Hand Report
Stock by Bin Location Report
Stock on Hand / On Order Report
Group Stock on Hand – Raw Materials and Finished Goods
Stock Price List
Stock Below Minimum Level (Also for consolidated)
Stock Exceeding Maximum Level (Also for consolidated)
Stock Re-order Report
Stock Master exception Report
Slow moving Stock Report
Old Stock Report
Stock Status by Product Group, Stock Code
Stock Balance Age Analysis Report
Stock Write Down Report by Stock Group
Stock Master/Batch(Lot) File Reporting
Stock Valuation Report – By Batch or Lot
Stock Lot Traceability Report
Stock Batch Age Analysis Report
Stock By Bin Location Report
Stock Bin Locations (By stock code)
Batch File Bulk Deletion and Report
Batch Packs/Weight Variance Report
Stock Master File/Master Transaction File Reporting
Stock Movement Report
Stock Transaction Analysis By Product Group/Transaction Code
Transaction Analysis by Cost Centre Code
Transaction Analysis by Allocation Code
Non Stock Movement Summary
Credit Note Analysis Report
Factory Production Receipt Report
Production Cost Report
Contribution Reporting
Sales Analysis Reporting
Monthly Sales Analysis Report
Weekly/Monthly/Annual Sales Analysis Report
Rep Commission Report
Invoice Sales price Variance Report
Sales Statistics Report by Product Group
Movement Statistics Report
Stock Movement (or Sales) Statistics Report
Turnover/Profitability Statistics Report
Turnover Statistics Report by Month
Turnover Statistics History Report by Year
Stock Consumption and Re-order Report
Stock Availability/Commitment Report
Stock Availability/Shortfall Report
Stock Availability/Excess Report
Stock Items with no Commitment
Sales Discounts Allowed to Customers Report
Stock – Take Sub System Reporting
Stock Take Data Capture Sheet per Stock Item
Stock Take Data Capture Form by Batch/Lot
Stock Take Variance Report
Stock Reservation Sub-System Reporting
Stock Reservation Listing by Reservation
Stock Requirement and Availability Report
Stock Balances Below Reservation Report
Inter-Branch Transfer Sub-System Reporting
Inter-Branch Transfer Accrual Report