Purchase Orders

The Macro The Purchasing and Goods Receipt Sub-Systems control all aspects of the Purchasing and Receiving Processes. The system is designed to allow a wide range of facilities and options. These are not compulsory and the user need only use the facilities that he requires.
This sub-system is fully integrated to Standard Stock Control system. It is fully integrated to the Macro Creditors system or to Third Party Creditor systems. The system is designed to provide control over the placing of orders on suppliers and eventual delivery of goods. The system will control both the physical and financial areas of purchase control.

Main Functions
To provide facilities to determine when purchase orders need to be placed, and to automate the process as far as possible while retaining full management control.
To capture details of all purchase orders and to confirm orders to suppliers.
To ensure that deliveries are received timeously
To capture goods receipt against purchase orders. To allow goods return to supplier where needed.
To eliminate manual processes as far as possible, and to provide reporting on orders, deliveries etc
To provide cash flow projections
To control and report on creditor invoices processed where the quantity received or the unit price varies from the order information by more than the acceptable percentage. The maximum acceptance percentage variation both volume and value variances is a user defined percentage
To provide GRV matching, Purchase price variance, Un-invoiced GRV accrual reporting.
To provide Electronic Data Interchange facilities.
To provide stock labels/bar code label facilities.

Purchase Order Master File
Purchase orders are kept on the Purchase Order Master file until the order is complete and all necessary reporting produced.
The Purchasing, Stock and Creditors systems are fully integrated

Purchase Planning
There are two basic methods of purchase order planning
-Replenishment Planning, based on reorder, minimum, maximum, safety stock levels and historical usage statistics. This method is simple and effective in certain environments, such as consumable stores, maintenance or retail environments with regular patterns in sales trends.
-Stock and Availability Planning
This is a more sophisticated method of matching stock demand to availability, fully time period based over the entire planning period.
This method is extremely effective where the demand can be accurately forecast according to sales forecasts, order books or production schedules.
Because it is multi-time period based, starting with present, it can be over a period become self-correcting.
The Planning facilities will recommend purchase orders, and can automatically generate the recommended purchase orders. These can be checked, changed, or deleted, and then released under management control.

The system allows purchase of non-stock items (e.g. consumables, services and repairs etc.)
Cash Commitment Manager.
The system provides full time based cash requirement calculation and reporting
Electronic Data Interchange. Purchase Orders can be electronically downloaded or faxed to suppliers.
The Purchasing sub-system is fully integrated to the Stock and Availability calculation and to the Production Planning process
The Purchasing system is fully integrated to the Warehousing and Voyage management systems

The system supports orders in foreign currency with full local currency accounting.
This is supported by a system wide exchange rate data base
The Receiving and Supplier Invoice processes also support multi-currency processing

Electronic Data Interchange
Purchase Order Confirmation, Goods Receipt Vouchers and all other reports can be automatically e-mailed or faxed to suppliers
Where purchase orders are in fact originated by an outside source (e.g. Third Party Ownership of Stock) purchase orders may be supplied electronically
Supplier Invoices and Delivery notes may be submitted electronically

Order Inquiry. This inquiry will provide details of the status of any specific order. It shows details of both order quantity and deliveries against the order.
On Order Inquiry by Stock Item. This inquiry will display details of all outstanding orders for a specific stock item. This inquiry lists on order details for all branches, not just for the branch making the inquiry.
On Order Inquiry by Supplier. This inquiry will display details of all outstanding orders for a specific supplier.
On Order Inquiry by Cost Allocation Code.
On Order Inquiry by Purchase Requisition Number.
Purchase Order Inquiry by supplier/product.

Purchase Order Confirmation
Purchase Order Cash Requirement Analysis
Purchase Re-order Form Generation
Purchase Order Expediting Report
Purchase Order Summary by Delivery Period

Purchase Order Report by :-
-Product/Order No
-Product Group/Product
-Product/Delivery date
-Requisition Number
Order Expediting/Overdue Order Delivery Report by:-
Cash Flow projection reports

Goods Receipt
The receiving process is fully integrated into the Purchase Order to simplify receiving.
The receiving process updates the stock system, and can generate stock labels etc.
Goods Receipt Notes are automatically produced
Return to Supplier facility available. This will link returns to the original Receipt and to the Purchase Order.
Receipt Bar Coding/Scanning facility available
Receipt will highlight unacceptable receipt to ensure immediate return to the supplier
Supplier Delivery Performance Statistics recorded

Goods Receipt Inquiries
Goods Receipt Detail Inquiry.
GRV Inquiry by Supplier.
GRV Inquiry by Purchase Order

Goods Receipt Reports
The following reports are available.
Un-invoiced GRV Accrual Report
Un-invoiced Goods receipt Accrual Report
GRV Stock Receipt Value vs Creditor Invoice
Stock receipt vs Creditor Invoice Variance
Goods Receipt Exception Report
Daily Goods Receipt Re-Costing Report
Goods Receipt – Purchase Price vs Standard Price Variance Report
Goods Receipt Report by :-
-Stock Code
-Allocation Code
-Requisition Number

Suppliers have access to existing Orders. This includes order schedules for all their products, details and delivery status of specific orders and Supplier Invoicing details for the order.