Macro 2000 Inventory Management Software performs enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management  functions. Designed for an extensive range of industries our inventory management software can integrate with a company’s back-office, sales and service processes.

Our inventory management, manufacturing and purchasing capabilities will help your enterprise move inventory at the right time to the right place. Macro 2000 Inventory Management Software will streamline your shipping and receiving processes to save time and money.

Macro 2000 Inventory Management Software delivers superior inventory control for your peace of mind — from receipt to work-in-process to shipment.

STOCK CONTROL – The Macro Stock Control System is a comprehensive conventional stock control system.

CUSTOMER ORDER MANAGEMENT – The Macro Customer Order Management System is used to control customer orders where an order is not just a simple instruction to deliver product.

PURCHASE ORDERS – The Macro Purchasing and Goods Receipt Sub-Systems control all aspects of the Purchasing and Receiving Processes.

SALES AND DISTRIBUTION – The Sales and Distribution System is responsible for all aspects of requests for product delivery, the incoming order, customer issues such as customer status and credit checking, product availability, product picking, the delivery of the product and all associated documentation.