Cold Storage Software

Cold Storage Software is an ERP application developed By Macro 2000 specifically for cold storage providers to manage their cold stores.

Macro 2000’s long standing experience and success record with cold storage software solutions gives us an edge in the Cold Storage Warehouse Management Software (WMS) market. We offer a system with advanced features developed specifically for refrigerated warehousing by overcoming the challenges associated with low temperature restriction and tracking.

Our highly functional Cold Storage Software is completely flexible and includes all the sophisticated processing functions Cold Stores need.

MACRO 2000 Cold Storage Software supports

Multiple Cold Stores
Third Party, Bond and In-house stores
Location, non-location stores or Virtual Cold Stores
Full Batch or Lot Control
All documentation produced by the Macro Software
Third Party Logistics

General Facilities

Bar Coded Pallet/Carton Tickets
Pallet Relocation
Stock Reservation and Picking Slips
Cold Store Stock Transfers
Quality Levels
Cold Store Movement History
Bonded Stock
Stock Take Facilities
Trip Management including planning and distribution

Automatic Cold Storage Charge Generation System

Rates can be loaded by customer, product group, per batch or per file etc.
Charge rates provide for all practical units of measure such as per pallet, per carton, per unit, per KG, per cubic metre, per freight ton, per litre per hour, user entered values etc.
General Purpose Invoicing is also supported

The Cold Storage ERP system supports

Bar Coding/Scanning of Locations, Pallets/Boxes and Third party Bar Code Labels
Hand Held Dockable Computers
Radio Frequency Links to Hand Held computers, Lap Top computers, Terminals and Printers
Automatic links to scales, weigh bridges, conveyor belts
Cell phone access to the system
Automatic faxing/e-mailing of documents and customer reports
Voice messages
Extensive EDI support including XML support
Internet Connectivity
Fully E-Business enabled including Internet based distribution Facilities.

Cold Storage Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

Integration to the standard stock control system provides facilities such as full financial control, a purchase order subsystem, stock take sub-system, turnover and sales statistics

Integration to the distribution system can initiate pallet picking facilities, and auto load Cold Store issue documents, print third party documentation such as sales invoices, delivery documentation etc. It can accept delivery instructions manually or via electronic data interchange.

Integration to the transport system which controls trucks/containers in and out of the yard, covers routing and planning and invoicing of transport for both debtors and creditors.

Integration to voyage management (manifest) system
A comprehensive voyage management manifest system is used to record expected deliveries, receipts, shipping and container details, and to create manifests and shipping documentation for outgoing dispatch.

Business to business over the internet
The Logistics and warehousing system is supported by a full Business-to-Business Internet system that provides sales and distribution facilities all the way from the customer order through the dispatch process and delivery documentation, financial documentation and integration to the Accounts Receivable system