Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing Software for Production Management

Macro 2000 provides a complete manufacturing software solution that will prevent unnecessary downtime, while increasing manufacturing efficiency, quality and profit margins.

MACRO is a S.A. developed, highly functional and flexible system which includes all the sophisticated processing functions that manufacturers need.  Macro 2000 is  Modular and customisable.

production management

A complete manufacturing software solution

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable

Customer Order Processing
Pricing facilities, credit control, stock and order analysis for production planning. MRP and CRP ex orders, automatic loading of production jobs, order progress/overdue order enquiry and reporting, EDI

Raw Materials/Finished Goods
On-line stock balances, multiple branch/warehouse, multiple pricing and costing methods, stock batch/lot facilities, stock reservation, material usage and stock sales statistics, inter-branch transfers, EDI of purchase orders/supplier invoicing

Warehouse Management System
Provides total computer control of warehouse.
Computer controlled stock receipt & picking, Barcoding/scanning/hand held computers, fully integrated to stock control, warehouse charge-out facility. EDI.

Purchase Orders/Goods Receipt
Extensive re-order reporting, integrated to: materials requirement planning and to pre-production tracking & goods receipt (stock and supplier invoices). Order variance control (quantities, prices, delivery dates). Multiple currencies. EDI.

Dispatch/Invoicing/Sales Reporting
Automatic or manual picking lists, full pricing system, strong credit control. Picking slips/dispatch notes/invoices/consignment notes/packing labels/packing summaries/transport load lists. Automatic determination of stock availability. Back-orders, customer delivery addresses. Sales/profitability reporting, multiple currencies sales, EDI of incoming orders, distribution lists, outgoing invoices.

Bill of Materials/Standard Costing
Flexible multi-level bill structure, standard costing (including future costs). ‘What if’ costing facilities, where used reporting. Profit/intangible costs, product estimating facilities, formula calculation facilities, contribution cost calculation facilities. Immediate explosions on theoretical quantities or actual jobs,

Production Master Planning
Stock and availability planning facilities. Production budgets by product or product group, weekly or monthly planning periods, integrated to materials requirement plan and production capacity plan, compares master plan to production started, completed and in progress.

Material and Capacity Planning
Material and capacity plan can be derived from customer orders, master plan or production jobs. Material planning integrated to stock, purchase order and material reservations. Time based planning reports.

Master Scheduling
Infinite period – finite scheduling, schedules planned jobs, firm jobs and work already in progress. Detailed factory calendar, optional automatic allocation to multiple production units, full management over-ride, production resource efficiency control. Extensive enquiry and report facilities

Job Launching/Shop Floor Documentation
Job Routings and Operational Routings. Job Tickets, Process Schedules, Material Requisitions, Special Instructions, Bundle Tickets, Checking to Materials/Resource availability

Job Tracking/Work in Progress
Standard routes or job routes. Pre-production tracking, production tracking and post-production tracking. Full expected date projections, Pre-production activity instruction sheets, Bar coded/scanned job tracking, Daily job progress and job balance enquiry/reporting, Overdue job enquiry/reporting, Job Costing, Work in progress reporting and valuation. Actual and standard costs captured. Job completion and variance reporting. Employee and resource cost/efficiency reporting, Historical production cost/efficiency statistics. Production efficiency sub-system available.


Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing Software for Production Management