Container Management Software

Macro 2000’s Container Management Software is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system that can fix your container logistics nightmares, starting from the customer sending you an  instruction and ending with the container leaving your terminal.

Our Container Management Software can decrease any  losses you might incur from having container management problems. MACRO 2000 is a highly functional and flexible Container Management Software that includes all the sophisticated processing functions that Container Terminals need.

Macro 2000 Container Management Software is designed to provide a simple operational system, with support for all of the underlying functions needed to support a modern container terminal. The ERP system can be used in a simple way for an example an empty container terminal, or it can be expanded to full import and export of FCL’s.

Contact us today and let us show you how a good ERP with Container Management Software would benefit you.

The ERP Container Management system supports:

  • Empty Container Terminal
  • Import/Export Container Terminals
  • Multiple Container Terminals
  • Location (or mapped) terminals, non-mapped terminals and Virtual Container terminals
  • All documentation needed to run a container terminal is produced by the system
  • Customer access via the internet
  • Support for inspection/washing/repairs etc
  • Customer Charge Facility
  • Document Image facilities supported
  • Full Shipment Management System available

Our Container Management Software (CMS) has been designed to assist tracking of containers & is the the easiest way to control your container terminal

Container Management Software

Container Management Software can decrease any profit losses you might incur from having inventory management problems

General Facilities
Each container is recorded in a container registration file which exists for the entire life cycle of a container
Records all movements in and movements out, and sundry internal and external movements
Links all information for each CTO into a single integrated history per CTO
Booking Advice / Shipping File facilities
Stock Holding Reporting by various categories, eg. By Container Type, by Container Status, By Storage Age etc
Container Relocation within, or between terminals
Full Trip Planning for Container Distribution and Collection
Container Movement History
Full Status recording including availability status, condition status, internal hold status and external hold status.
Stock Take Facilities
Container Damage Data
Repair sub-system available
Full Container Tracking facility for the entire history of the container for both internal and external movements
Daily Stock level reports automatically e-mailed to owner / shipping line
Full support for inspection, washing, repairs and maintenance
Full workflow management to manage document flow and availability
Automatic Electronic Data Interchange with customer computer systems and shipping line systems

Automatic Charge Generation System
Rates can be loaded by customer, container type, etc.
Charge rates provide for all activities including handling, Storage, Repairs, Maintenance, Washing, Inspection and other activities.
Charge rates provide for storage including free periods
Invoices produced on request, weekly, monthly
Sundry Invoice facility for import/export and ad-hoc charges
Invoices can be passed via EDI to accounting systems.

Inspection, Washing, Repair facility
The Container Management system provides full support for activities such as Inspection, Washing, Repairs and maintenance.
Repairs may be specified in detail.
Repair estimates can be prepared
The system will forward quotations to the responsible party.
On approval job cards are printed
Job Costs (labour and materials) may be entered
Repair Invoices may be produced

Technologies supported
Bar Coding/Scanning/RFID
PDA / Hand Held Dockable Computers
Radio Frequency Links between the main server and Hand Held computers, Lap Top computers,
Terminals and Printers etc
Cell phone access to the system
Automatic faxing/e-mailing of documents and customer reports
Voice messages
Fully E-Business enabled including Internet based Inquiry, Reporting and container call-off facilities.
Electronic Data Interchange to/from shipping lines.
The EDI facility provides support for international EDIFACT messages in accordance with ISO standards

Import/export management facilities
The system provides an optional shipping management facility, which provides:-
Pre advise of expected inward shipments
Details of all container manifest information
The ability to auto load container terminal receipt and issue documents prior to execution date
The ability to print shipping documents such as bill of lading, export certificates, delivery documentation
Workflow management and document flow management

Interfaces to other applications
The Container Management Software is able to integrate third party software