The Macro 2000 Creditors system is designed to carry out Creditors and Purchase Analysis processing in a simple and effective manner. The system is fully interactive. It is a flexible ERP system which is designed to allow tailoring of reports to meet individual requirements.
The system is exceptionally easy to operate. The operator controls the system through a series of menus which show the processing choices available.
All input is validated and the operator advised of any errors with a self explanatory message.
Month-end processing.
Password protection to prevent data entry by other than authorised persons.
Full on-line inquiry facilities are provided for immediate display of creditor information including balances, age analysis of balances and a listing of outstanding transactions.
The system is a comprehensive Creditors Accounting system. It records all data likely to be required and provides all processing facilities necessary for an efficient operation.
The system is a true open item Creditors Accounting system. It allows the user complete control over the payment of amounts due including the amendment of transaction due dates and the facility to hold a transaction for as long as necessary. The system may, if required, be operated as a balance carried forward system.
The Creditor System is interfaced with the Cash Book system for automatic posting of entries between the two systems
The system can be integrated with other Macro 2000 accounting systems such as Stock (for Goods receipt processing), and General Ledger. Interfaces are normally tailored to meet individual requirements, however the system does include a standard General Ledger Interface and a standard Purchasing/Receiving interface.
Standard Purchase Analysis Reporting is available.
The system is able to automatically take cash discounts into account always subject to user over-rides.
A monthly projected cash flow report summarises all amounts due by expected payment date up to 12 months in advance.
The system will automatically produce cheques if required. It also makes allowance for manually prepared cheques.
The system provides full Electronic Funds Transfer facilities

A full scale Purchase Order Control/Goods receipt sub-system is available. This can be integrated with both the Creditors and Stock Control system.
The Receiving/Issuing system is fully integrated and provides for facilities used on Creditor Invoice/GRV matching and the automatic posting of Creditor invoices to the GRV system
A number of useful utility programs such as creditor address label print, alphabetic cross-reference listing, etc are available.