Macro 2000 ERP systems is a family of fully integrated and customisable products with a broad set of functionality for small, mid-sized and large manufacturing or distribution firms.

Macro 2000 integrated Financial ERP software delivers visibility and control

Benefit from a range of functionality from accounting to advanced financial management, in a simple and effective manner. Our Financial ERP software is fully integrated with the Stock, Customer Order Entry Systems and Dispatch/Invoicing Systems.

Real-time control and view of your financial information – comprehensive and flexible, Macro 2000’s comprehensive Financial ERP software will allow you to make informed decisions with real-time visibility into accurate accounting transactions from across your enterprise.

Macro 2000 can support applications for accounting, time and expenses, revenue management, project accounting, order and billing, purchasing, multi-currency management and financial reporting.

DEBTORS – The Debtor system is comprehensive and very easy to use. The system provides a basic system and a number of optional features which can be used only if required.

CREDITORS – The Macro 2000 Creditors system is designed to carry out Creditors and Purchase Analysis processing in a simple and effective manner.