First In First Out Stock Rotation

Macro 2000 warehouse and cold store management software is used to control the rotation of stock.

Macro 2000 records the receipt date, the sell by date and the production batch number or date of all stock.

The system is then set up to dispatch stock by any one of these dates to ensure that the oldest stock is always dispatched first.

There are standard inquires and reports on stock by these recorded dates.

Error Message when trying to run a report

Remember that Macro 2000 uses the settings of your local PC when you are running reports.

You need to check your regional settings for the date format. It should be YYYYMMDD.

For any further information about regional settings, ask Macro 2000 to e-mail you a document.

Invoicing and third party charge-out

Macro 2000 ERP systems for Warehouse Management, Cold Store Management and Container Management all have the capability of running automatic month end invoicing.

A set of proforma invoices is produced for checking.  You may run proforma invoices as often as you like and when satisfied the actual invoice run will update the system.

For those customers who skip the proforma run and only find their mistakes after the update, you will have to reset the system and redo the whole invoice run.  If this happens remember you will need to rerun your opening balances.

New Improved Multipurpose Inquiry

If you are a Macro 2000 Warehouse, Cold Store or Container Management user there is a great new facility for extensive inquiries from your multipurpose inquiry screen.

There are many new search criteria available which include all your user defined fields AND there is a download to excel.

Call Macro 2000 to find out how you can implement this.

Bar Code Scanning

Bar-code scanning gives you better accuracy through elimination of human error, versatile rapidly available information and data integrity.  Bar code scanning also improves inventory control when used correctly as every movement in or out of the warehouse, cold store or container depot is recorded at actual inventory item and not the planned item.

What happens in non-scanning environments is that the planned inventory item cannot be located, so a similar item is dispatched, but the original is taken off the computer system.  With bar code scanning, planning is just that, a plan to move specific inventory items, but at dispatch the actual items moved are scanned and the system is updated with the correct inventory leaving the premises. Bar code scanning also improves the speed of transacting, with variance reports for checking and balancing before closing off any documents and updating inventory.

Macro 2000 is the warehouse management system that makes sense! We have improved the way we install our Radio Frequency Barcode Scanning Module.

There is now a library of functions to choose from and each of them will interface to any of Macro 2000 ERP systems.
We still have the option to scan using cables scanners or blue tooth scanners. These are limited to a short distance from the PC they are attached to and all the updating is done on the PC as opposed to a hand held remote terminal with radio frequency scanning.

Bar code scanning

Barcode Scanning Module

Reduced inventory costs, faster, more accurate data entry, improved document tracking and increased sales.
These benefits are now within the reach of both large and small businesses with the wave of a scanner. Bar code (aka barcode) technology and its capabilities are being applied with surprising results by companies that range from distributors to manufacturers to retail vendors.

Streamline your warehouse processes using Macro 2000’s Bar Code Scanning Module to enable your shipping and receiving staff to collect data rapidly and accurately. Increase your shipping and receiving staff’s data collection using radio-frequency handheld devices.

Our scanning and data collection solutions are designed to allow manufacturers and field service organisations to minimise costs, maximise productivity, and maintain a competitive edge.

Macro 2000 is flexible enough to meet the needs of companies that require more streamlined inventory control, material requirements planning (MRP) and job shop floor control/manufacturing execution.

Call us to discuss your Bar Code Scanning requirements.

Barcode scanning solutions



Please ensure you have daily backups installed.
There are two files that need to be backed up:
1. SQL Live Data Base eg DATANAME
2. A file by the same name in the folder n:data/DATANAME

These two files form the basis your individual setup of Macro 2000 on your server. It will backup all your personal settings as well as your data.

It is a good idea to restore as a test to TESTDATA on a regular basis to ensure that your backups are working.
If you need help with this Macro 2000 can do the test.

Welcome to Macro 2000

Welcome to Macro 2000

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