Warehouse Rental

How about this awesome feature – Macro provides an Automatic Storage Charge Generation System..

This means you can store third party goods in your warehouse and be paid for the service!

Storage rates can be entered in various ways such as by customer, product group, batch etc.

Not only that, rates provide for all practical units of measure such as per pallet, carton, unit, weight, volume, and even user defined values.

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Outlook 365

We are currently testing a new interface to web mail servers such as Outlook 365.

This allows us to move away from high maintenance on-site mail servers.

Look out for a rollout notification very soon!

Unique Cold Store Management System

We have long standing experience with Cold Storage Management Software which puts us in a position to understand industry specific requirements.

Macro 2000 offers ERP systems in South Africa and strong software functionality along with several impressive Industry solutions for Professional Services

Are you struggling
To give your customers unique information, or assuring your customer of product integrity and quality?
What about  Traceability requirements?
Billing at the push of a button?

Macro 2000 offers
Pallet tracking and control by  batch, temperature, sell by date, manufacturing batch number, fixed/variable weights.
RF picking and put away
Fully Integrated billing system

Container yard management software


Container yard management softwareGood systems are essential in running an efficient container yard operation but at the Gaborone Container Terminal (Gabcon) in Botswana it was a game changer.

“The decision to team up with Macro 2000 has greatly benefitted our business,” said Gabcon’s Oratile Lebang. “Not only did they tailor their container yard management software to our needs but they continue to work hand-in-hand with us to ensure that the programme remains appropriate to our needs.”

Growing the terminal has been a top priority for the inland port operators in the past few years. The decision to invest in good Container yard management software has allowed them to embark more successfully on this strategy.

“We realised the necessity for a good system very quickly more so in the light of our growth strategy and about two years ago we brought Macro 2000 on board,” said Lebang. “Anthea van Breemen and her team have made all the difference. They have delivered a product that addresses our needs specifically enabling us to have far better control over the container yard that has in turn allowed us to focus on growing our business.”

According to Van Breemen, who has extended the Macro 2000 Container Management Software extensively since its inception, this is an essential part of technology delivery. “When it comes to warehousing and container yards it is ultimately about customer satisfaction,” she told FTW. “You have to be able to give your customer exactly what they need and then make sure this is maintained.”

It is for this reason that ongoing research and development into software is necessary, said Van Breemen.

At Gabcon the software not only manages empty containers full import and export containers.

“With this system we have managed to bring efficiency into our business as operations are far more streamlined than before,” said Lebang. “We know exactly what is coming in and out of the terminal and are able to manage it appropriately.”

She said the system is also upgraded as and when needed allowing it to keep pace with the ever-changing business environment.

What to expect from Macro 2000’s Warehouse Management System

The process of making sure that everything is accounted for when bringing in new stock from various suppliers can be daunting.

But good ERP software can make all the difference. Our software is designed to help streamline your manufacturing process, providing a competitive advantage while enabling you to increase business process efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Macro 2000 WMS

Macro 2000 have developed warehouse management software that minimises the processing time considerably by updating the new stock into a receiving warehouse and producing a new bar code label with a unique box number. However, there are a number of quality control steps that need to be followed.

As soon as the container arrives and the boxes are off loaded, the manufacturer’s label is scanned using radio frequency bar code scanning. A unique bar coded box label is attached to each box. The next step is to quality check each box, this is where the stock is sent through a physical process, then passes through quality control. They are then scanned a second time in order to update the stock in the warehouse.

Rudolph Reynecke from Bertuzzi Distribution implemented the Marco 2000 software and says it has assisted his business greatly. Here’s what he had to say:

“Macro 2000’s warehouse management systems have brought major efficiency to our operations as it simplifies tracking all the stock/warehouse related movements, from receiving goods into the warehouse all the way to dispatching/delivering of the sales orders. Their software performs the function it was designed for to perfection.”

Reynecke says with Macro 2000 and their bar-coding interpretation software in place they managed to streamline their picking, packing and despatching of orders quicker and more professionally than ever before.

“It also increased our accuracy levels. Being in the high volume clothing distribution sector it is very important to process any order timeously and to the highest level of accuracy and that is precisely what Macro 2000 enabled us to do,” he says.

Reynecke, who also travels extensively internationally to visit suppliers, says there is also no doubt that this software is on par with the rest of the world. “It holds up to most of the international systems I have experienced and in some instances is even better.”

Through the use of efficient warehouse management, you will know what goods are received and shipped, which items are readily available, when you should reorder and storage space availability.

These WMS features eliminate the need for tracking inventory via paper (Paperless Warehousing), so waste is reduced to further decrease the overall cost of running a warehouse. Reduced cost over time resulting from better inventory control equals a very good return on investment and a well managed warehouse.

Paperless Warehouses: How ERP Software can help

The possibility of a Paperless Environment with ERP software

In the fast paced warehouse environment and in the face of growing environmental concerns the move towards paperless environments continues to grow.

Completely paperless warehouses are not as impossible as it might sound, says Anthea van Breemen. And it does not necessarily have to be expensive achieving it either.

paperless environment

Paperless Environments – Using tablet computers in distribution warehouses

“Radio-frequency Idenfitifcation (RFID) is here and can achieve that paperless warehouse environment, but bar code scanning is still the less expensive option.”

According to Van Breemen bar code scanning has long been the performance booster of the warehousing industry, possibly more so in cold storage, and can be used very successfully across the supply chain – even in container tracking.

“Bar code scanning gives you better accuracy through elimination of human error, versatile rapidly available information and data integrity.  Scanning improves inventory control when used correctly as every movement in or out of the warehouse, cold store or container depot is recorded at actual inventory item and not the planned item,” she explains. “What happens in non-scanning environments is that the planned inventory item cannot be located, so a similar item is dispatched, but the original is taken off the computer system. With bar code scanning, planning is just that, a plan to move specific inventory items, but at dispatch the actual items moved are scanned and the system is updated with the correct inventory leaving the premises.”

Van Breemen says bar code scanning also improves the speed of transacting, with variance reports for checking and balancing before closing off any documents and updating inventory.

Paperless warehouses

Paperless warehouses – Fork lift truck drivers have now got tablets in their vehicles eliminating the use of paper and pencil

“We have taken this a step further and moved towards eliminating paper even more. Fork lift truck drivers have now got tablets in their vehicles. Instructions for picking or to put away are automatically sent to their devices.  These are listed by priority, where a priority can be changed or re-organised by the operations manager should this become necessary instead of giving them instructions on paper.”

Automatic e-mailing of all documents and reports, she says, has long been an integral part of the Macro 2000 ERP software that only contributes further to a paperless environment.

Batch Number Control

Macro 2000 now has the facility to record multiple Batch Numbers per pallet in a store.

Why is this important?  You can now mix different sell by dates or production batch numbers on one pallet.

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Container Management Software

Do you need to manage the movement of your full or empty containers?

Gate In and Gate Out as well as within the terminal itself, with full track and trace?

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