Warehouse Rental

How about this awesome feature – Macro provides an Automatic Storage Charge Generation System..

This means you can store third party goods in your warehouse and be paid for the service!

Storage rates can be entered in various ways such as by customer, product group, batch etc.

Not only that, rates provide for all practical units of measure such as per pallet, carton, unit, weight, volume, and even user defined values.

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Outlook 365

We are currently testing a new interface to web mail servers such as Outlook 365.

This allows us to move away from high maintenance on-site mail servers.

Look out for a rollout notification very soon!

Unique Cold Store Management System

We have long standing experience with Cold Storage Management Software which puts us in a position to understand industry specific requirements.

Macro 2000 offers ERP systems in South Africa and strong software functionality along with several impressive Industry solutions for Professional Services

Are you struggling
To give your customers unique information, or assuring your customer of product integrity and quality?
What about  Traceability requirements?
Billing at the push of a button?

Macro 2000 offers
Pallet tracking and control by  batch, temperature, sell by date, manufacturing batch number, fixed/variable weights.
RF picking and put away
Fully Integrated billing system