Macro 2000 ERP Software South Africa

MACRO 2000 is a Cape Town based company established in 1978, which specializes in the development and the support of a comprehensive range of ERP software designed for all companies who require ERP systems to manage their day to day operations.

Macro 2000 operates in many industries including Distribution, Manufacturing, Logistics, Warehouse, Cold Store, Container Management and Shipping Industries.

Our customers are dealing direct with system developers who undertake responsibility for training and on going support.

The company is solutions orientated. It has been successful because it provides ERP software which are effective and meet real user needs. These Enterprise Resource Planning systems provide for both management and the operational information requirements.

ERP systems

ERP Software South Africa – Macro 2000 Enterprise Resource Planning software delivers fully integrated ERP systems, designed to optimise core business processes and maximise efficiency.


Our robust Enterprise Resource Planning includes applications for purchasing, stock control, accounting, factory production planning and control, and warehouse management, among other capabilities. Macro 2000 integrated systems are best fit for companies that require the simplest possible solution to their process complexity.

Our fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning delivers a complete system that links all divisions within your company, providing a complete view of the entire operation.

We can provide your business with the tools to give a high level of service to your customers from planning and scheduling right through to production and distribution.

Choose the Right ERP Software for Your Business

  • Highly functional and flexible system which includes all the sophisticated processing functions that manufacturers need. Macro 2000 is Modular and customisable.
  • Benefit from a range of functionality from accounting to advanced operational management, in a simple and effective manner.
  • Inventory Management Software performs enterprise resource planning and management functions. Designed for an extensive range of industries our inventory management software can integrate with a company’s back-office, e-commerce, sales and service processes.
  • Our sophisticated warehouse management system takes an inventory-centric approach, providing features for barcoding, asset management, materials management and customised reporting.
  • Logistics and warehousing systems are supported by a full Business-to-Business Internet system that provides sales and distribution facilities all the way from the customer order through the dispatch process and delivery documentation, financial documentation and integration to the Accounts Receivable system
  • Container Management Software features a simple operational system, with provision for all of the underlying functions needed to support a modern container terminal.

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